March 27, 2010

Way of gaining experience

By maplestory

The best way of gaining experience at the start of Maple Island is by fighting the Shrooms and the Orange Mushrooms, while In Victoria Island, the Slimes and the Stumps.In improving your accuracy in hitting your enemies, you should raise your DEX if you are a warrior, bowman or a thief. Increase your INT and LUK if you are a magician. When you are low on Hit Points, find a safe place where you can “rest” and restore your health back by being stationary for a few seconds. In this way, you can avoid losing 10% of your experience points should you “die” due to loss of HP. But you are exempted from this if you are still a beginner.Each time you move up a level, you will receive 5 Ability Points. You can use these to increase your HP, MP, STR, DEX, INT or LUK. It is suggested, however, that you use your Ability Points only for your STR, DEX, INT or LUK since your HP and MP increases automatically as you level up.Monsters may drop a common item like a snail shell or it may also drop a rare item like an axe. Some even drop two different kinds of ores – a jewel and a mineral ore. (IMAGE: MISCELLANEOUS>”ORES”)Pick up and store a lot of ores which you may find in the game. These are extremely rare and are needed in upgrading your armor and weapons.You can check if you are successful in picking up an item or killing an enemy for experience points by looking at the confirmation status found at the bottom right of the screen.To acquire armor and weapons, there is a requirement of every 5 consecutive levels.You should not be afraid to undertake quests. They were designed to make the game more fun and exciting. It is through these quests that you can also gain experiences, equipment, items and mesos. Some of the quests are easy for beginners, while others require a significant amount of levels and playing time that come along for the task. Most quests have a requirement of every 5 consecutive levels, which is based in their degree of difficulty.Power and speed are vital in fighting monsters. Try and see if you can determine the effectiveness of using a particular weapon compared to the others by their intrinsic characteristics. An axe has an Attack Power of 27 but is a “slow” weapon, while a Saber may have a much lesser Attack Power of 20 but is 2 and ? times faster. The damage inflicted and hits caused will roughly work out the same over time. The bowmen, magicians and thieves are capable of long range attacks, but need to keep up with their arrows, throwing stars, and MP’s, respectively. Warriors, on the other hand, rely mostly on close range attacks. But since they have large HP and attacking levels, they have the capability to fight stronger monsters.Should you feel that the place you are in is too crowded, you can always switch to a different channel and still remain in the same place.