April 9, 2010

Join or start a guild

By maplestory

Join or start a guild. To start a guild you will need a lot of money, and you’ll have to go to Orbis. If you create a guild, you become the guild master or leader. Then you may invite others, etc. You can also pick a logo of sorts, and distribute different titles to members. Membership in a guild helps you make friends, who you can then easily find and contact. Friends can help you with questions you may have or can go on quests with you. Plus, hey, it’s good to have friends. Try doing some quests, as they sometimes give you good, rare items. Even though quests often give you little experience, they are a good break from training all day long. If you’re becoming a Magician, you can do it at level 8. Go to Ellinia and travel to the very top to talk to Grendel the Really Old. He will turn you into a Magician. If you’re becoming a Thief, you can do it at level 10. Go to Kerning City and find a door with “Fusion Jazz Bar” above it. Go inside there and go down the drain in the toilet on the left. You’ll find the Dark Lord there. He will turn you into a Rogue. If you’re becoming a Warrior, you can do it at level 10. Go to Perion and go to the Shrine of Warriors which is located at the very top. Talk to “Dances with Balrog” . If you’re becoming a Bowman, you can do it at level 10. Go to Henesys and go to Mushroom Park. Then travel to the very right until you come to a house next to Game Park. Go inside and talk to Athena Pierce. She will make you a Bowman. Join a Party Quest when you get to level 10 or level 21. Go to Kerning City or Henesys in Mushroom Park and ask to join a party. If it is your first time, tell them so they can brief you and give you tips. Party questing is a great way to gain experience fast and is also very fun. You can’t Party Quest anymore after level 30 in Kerning City, in Henesys it is any level over level 10. Make your second job advancement at level 30. Each class is different in the advancement, so do some research to find out how to go about it. Find another place to train after reaching level 31. You’ll benefit from a good place to train until you reach levels 36 – 38, in the newest patch, Vers. 0.46, there is a new haunted house in the new town NLC, this is available to anyone after Halloween. Buy a ticket to Orbis from Ellinia at level 38. When you reach Orbis, They give you a good amount of experience and drop Solid Horns, which are used in the “Exchange Quest,” in which you can get 500 experience and some items for every 100 Solid Horns you acquire. Consider doing the Ludibrium Party Quest at level 35. Level 35 is very low for that Party Quest, but if you feel up to it, why not? Don’t tell the others it is your first time or you won’t get in. Simply read a guide, and complete the quest up to the 8th stage. If you feel comfortable fighting the boss and you have Magic Guard upwards of 700hp, tell your cleric. You can do the Ludibrium Party Quest until level 50. Orbis PQ is another option, and you can do it from level 51-70.If you don’t know how, tell your PQ members to brief you. Make your third job advancement after you reach level 70. Once again, each class is different, so do some research in advance. Two Curse Eye monsters. Maplestory has more than one hundred different monsters.