April 17, 2010

MapleStory Guide

By maplestory

Level(MapleStory Mesos) 20-24: If you are for the poor and to the beach in pigs. Training will be slow, but endure. If you lucky, then go ahead and early killed green mushrooms, hope ever elusive dish. – A better idea is Bubblings subway line spacing in character, they put the same experience, but not for the green KSers mushrooms.

Level(Maplestory powerleveling) 25-30: Green Mushrooms, or Horned Mushrooms at ant Tunnel. The former is more profitable, the latter is quicker, although you will lose money. You also can try, but it is not recommended for use small sentry. Zombies mushroom is also a kind of choice, if you have Kumbi or better, because you can easily 2HKO them 7 and lucky. If not, persisted with the Angle of mushrooms. Boar can is a choice, if you really think that you have enough money in Maplestory to burn in the potions, wild boar moving very fast and more challenging.