October 13, 2010

How Do i Become a Rich in MapleStory

By maplestory

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Well people keep on asking me why im “So Rich….”. So i decided to make

a guide on doing so… Pots…More pots!!!!POTS

Well I always hear people saying how they can earn money if they are burning pots!

Answer : Kill monsters that drop more mesos and expensive item that cost more than ur pots….

You should also take advantage of you skills For Exp: Mages have Mp Recovery which allow you

to stop wasting pots and save mesos but it certainly doesnt save time….(this is how to get

rich guide not how to save time..)


This is for lucky people who come across noobs… Buy low sell high!

For example: last week i saw a noob selling tobis for 1.5 mil…. NO TIME TO THINK OF YOU


You take advantage…. Try to bargain it out with him… tomake it sound like he is over

pricing it… if your really lucky he will lower it in my case he did … he sold the

tobi to me for 1.3 mil… easy 1.2 mil gain…

I sold as high as possible at 2.5 mil for tobis…

IF your buying items you should look for the people that been trying to sell a

certain item for a long time… the are mostly more easy to suade..

Bargain liek crzy!


Hunting is always important but it might make you lose money or gain

tremendously You should hunt something that is easy to kill but drops

Godly items Example: Jr yetis… they drop 60% attk scroll (EASY MONEY!)

I found evil wingz l form were wolves …lost 10k in pots….(found in 15mns..

i know peopel that lost 10 mil in pots still havent found…)Gained 90+mil

Be Friendly!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is 2nd or most important! I never defame peopel unless they defame

me, annoy me for mroe than 20 mins…..or say a racist joke…

Befriend as many people as you can…You never know what you get back…

(Random69…. you know what im talking about..)


pick up every thing !!!! you are nevr too”pro” to pick up stuff…

And if a “pro” doest pick up ask him if you can loot and if he agrees

pick up every thing…(Cant wait till pets come out…)


During low levels you should skip equipment inorder to save but during high

levls it is not worth seving a few millions in order to save those mills

WHY? because you will waste that amount on pots…

for Exp: i Just bought a int cap for 5 mil… when kill white pangs i

usely take 3 shots with the cape i have 2shots….

imagine killing 2 million pangs to lvl … and let say it take 3

more lvl to take the same effects as my cape… it would take

3 lvl of 3 shot which would add up jsut buying the cape… lvling faster and

more efficently thus using less pots… and saving money and gainig mesos


Pick up every mesos etc you find… 10 mesos is better than nothing

(make that you slogan)