October 20, 2010

The Way to a FirePoison Arch Mage In MapleStory

By maplestory


maplestory-arch-mage- guide

maplestory-arch-mage- guide

a.Introduction to Maplestory

MapleStory is the world first 2D-side scrolling MMORPG. The purpose of the

game is actually to defend the maple world from monsters but you won’t see

any people in the game caring to protect the maple world, they only kill

monsters so that they can lvl faster and have better eqipments and skills to

show off. So your purpose for pl

aying this game is to lvl up faster than

them and ks them since you are a mage.

b.Why choose Mages?

Out of the four class in Maplestory, Mage is the only class that have

powerful magical attack and defence, it is also the only class that can

attack from close-range and long-range. Lastly, it is also the richest class

in Maplestory. So that is why mages is the best choice to choose if you are

playing Maplestory for the first time.

c.pros and cons of Mages


* Can attack at range OR up close.

* They are by far the most powerful class during the 1st job advancement.

You will level very fast after level 15.

* They have bucketloads of MP.

* They have ridiculously fast MP recovery rates, meaning you spend a lot

less on MP potions than other classes.

* Magic Claw can attack through walls.

* Very stable damage using Magic Claw.

* After 2nd job they can teleport, and absorb their enemies MP.

* Can essentially use their MP bar as their HP once they max out Magic

Guard, meaning they can take a lot more attack.


* Have the lowest HP out of all the classes.

* Mage gear tends to be expensive since so many people play mages.

* Some people don’t like mages as they have a bit of a reputation as

“ksers”, so be prepared for some people to be rude to you.

* Tend to get weaker after the 2nd job advancement compare to the other


* Taking damage from your MP bar (once you have Magic Guard) is expensive.

MP potions essentially cost twice as much as HP potions.

d.pros and cons of F/P Mages


* Highest damage spells out of all the 2nd job mages.

* Poison can be very effective against high level enemies if used correctly.

* Huge damage against Ice based enemies.


* Cannot heal or freeze enemies.

* Do poor damage against fire based enemies.

* Poison can be hard to use properly.

* Fire Arrow is blocked by terrain.

* Some enemies are strong against, or even immune against Poison.



2.Getting Started

a.Beginning Stats

If you have decided to be a mage, you should need to know what stats you

need to have to be a perfect mage. Reroll the stats if you find that the

stats is not perfect until you get the perfect stats. This usually takes

about 15 mins to half an hour unless you are lucky so please be patience.

Perfect Mage Stats: Str – 4

Dex – 4

Int – Any

Luk – Any

if you think you cannot wait or have no patience, at least try to have this


Almost perfect Mage Stats: Str – 4/5

Dex – 4/5

Int – Any

Luk – Any

make sure when you are lvl 8, you have 11 luk and at least 20 int.

The Formula for mage: STR – 4/5

DEX – 4/5

INT – The rest of AP

LUK – lvl + 3

b.Skills build

Beginner skill

1. Three snails – Master lvl 3 (active)

Description: Hurls snail shells to attack monsters from long distance.

2. Recovery – Master lvl 3 (supportive)

Description: Enables the user to recover HP constantly for 30 sec.

3. Nimble Feet – Master lvl 3 (supportive)

Description: Enables the character to move around quickly for a short

amount of time.

Skill Build


The reason I have never add three snails is because it is completely useless

after I have energy bolt.

c.Where to train?

You should train with snails and blue snails from lvl 1 to 8 unless you are

doing quests as mage’s physical attack isn’t very strong. Even though your

attack isn’t very strong, do not put any points into STR as STR does not

help any more longer when you are a mage.



3.1st job advancement

a.How to be a magician

To be a magician, you need to be at least lvl 8 and have at least 20 INT. If

u have that, go to ellinia, town of magician and go to Ellinia’s Magic

library at the very top of the map. You will see a NPC named Grendel The

Really Old inside. Talk to him and you will be a magician.


As mentioned in 2a. formula for mage.

c.skills build

1st job skill

1. Improving MP Recovery – Master lvl 16 (passive)

Description: With this, you’ll recover even more MP every 10 seconds.

2. Improving Max MP Increase – Master lvl 10 (passive)

Required: Improving MP recovery lvl 5

Description: While having a Level UP, if AP is used on Max MP, it raises

the level of increase for Max MP.

3. Magic Guard – Master lvl 20 (Supportive)

Description: Temporarily replaces damage with MP instead of HP. If MP

reaches 0, the HP takes a full hit.

4. Magic Amour – Master lvl 20 (supportive)

Required: Magic Guard lvl 5

Description: Temporarily boosts the weapon defense by blowing magic into

the armor.

5. Energy Bolt – Master lvl 20 (active)

Description: Use MP to attack one enemy.

6. Magic Claw – Master lvl 20 (active)

Required: Energy Bolt lvl 1

Description: Use MP to attack an enemy twice.


Not Recommended for all mages as the MP in the end will be a lot more lower

than other builds.

d.Where to train?

People have always say that they have lost a lot of mesos/potions when they

are training, this is because they have fought the wrong kind of monsters

that is not suitable for their lvl. If you fought the correct monsters, you

will find that you won’t lost so much potions/mesos and you will also find

that you make more money there. So make sure you have fight the right kind

of monster that is suitable for your lvl.

lvl 08-15: Snails, slimes at henesys hunting ground 1

lvl 15-20: Orange mushroom at kerning construction site, pigs and ribbon

pigs at pig beach

lvl 20-30: Green and horny mushroom at Ellinia tree dungeon, kerning party

quest (lvl 21-30)


4. 2nd job advancement

a.How to be a F/P Wizard?

To become a F/P Wizard, you must be at least lvl 30 and you must first go

back to the NPC named Grendel the Really Old and talk to him. He will tell

you about how stronger you are and all the craps. Then he will ask you if

you want to be stronger than you are now, accept it. He will ask you to find

the magician instructor at the very top of forest north of ellinia. Once you

reach there and talked to the magician job instructor, you will be taken to

a place where you are supposed to fight curse eyes and horned mushroom which

are stronger than normal to get 30 dark marbles. The monster inside will not

give any EXP and items but only dark marbles. Once you collected 30 dark

marbles, talk to the magician instructor and he will give you a proof of

hero. Bring the proof of hero bank to Grndel the Really Old and he will ask

you to choose from Fire/Poison Wizard, Ice/Lighning wizard and Cleric. As

this Guide is for Fire/Poison, I will assume you choose Fire/Poison wizard.


As mentioned in 2a. formula for mage. For low-luk mage, you may want to stop

adding luk from 2nd job onwards.

c.Skills build

2nd job skills

1. MP Eater – Master lvl 20 (passive)

Description: Soak up an enemy’s MP after every magic attack. But if its

MP reaches 0, no more.

2. Meditation – Master lvl 20 (supportive)

Required: MP Eater lvl 3

Description: Meditate for a bit to temporarily boost up the magic attack

of party members around the area.

3. Teleport – Master lvl 20 (supportive)

Description: Use the arrow keys to teleport to other places in the same

map on a set distance. The higher the skill level, the less MP you spend.

4. Slow – Master lvl 20 (supportive)

Required: Teleport lvl 5

Description: Temporarily slows down the opponents around you. Can’t use

it on them twice at once, and affects only 6 enemies per attack.

5. Fire Arrow – Master lvl 30 (active)

Description: Create a firearrow with the power of magic, and fires at an

enemy. Applies 1.5 times the damage to the ice-based monsters, whereas

fire-based enemies receive only half the damage.

6. Poison Breath – Master lvl 30 (active)

Description: Create a poisonous water bubble, and shoots at an enemy. The

enemy gets temporarily poisoned with a set success rate. Once poisoned, the

HP slowly decreases.

20 MP Eater (maxed)

20 Teleport (maxed)

30 Poison Breath (maxed)

1 Slow

This is for fire wizard who like to have another attack other than fire


d. Where to train?

As you were better in skills and experience than before, your standard of

monsters should be higher.

lvl 30-31: Party Quest in Kerning City

lvl 31-35: horned mushroom and zombie mushroom in Ant tunnel 1, wild boars

in land of wild boars 1 and 2, crows in mushroom shine, chicken and duck in


lvl 35-45: Jr Grupins in Garden of Green 1, ludi pq

lvl 45-50: Jr Pepes in Obis Tower 1st, 2nd floor and snowy hill, Cold eyes

in Tree dungeons and Sanctuary Entrances, ludi pq

lvl 50-55: Jr Yeti at Watch Out for Icy path 1, obis pq (lvl 51 onwards)

lvl 55-60: Grupins at Garden of Green 2 and stairway to the sky 1, obis pq

lvl 60-70: Grupins at Garden of Green 2, Pepes at Cold Field 2 and Yetis at

Icycold field, Samiho in vanished village, obis pq


5. 3rd Job Advancement

a. How to be a F/P Mage?

To become a F/P Mage, you must first be at least lvl 70 and go talk to a NPC

named Robeira in the Chief Residence of El Nath. Fly Back to Victoria after

talking to Robeira and talk with Grendel the Really Old. He will tell you to

go to the Door of Dimension which is at forest of evil 2 (check

hidden-street if do not know where it is) to fight the dark side of him. You will

be bought to a place called “The Path of the Glittering Crystal” and are

given 20 minutes to defeat him. Once defeated him, you will obtained a Black

Charm. Go back to Grendel the Really Old and exchange the Black charm for a

Necklace of strength. Return to El Nath and give the Necklace of strength to

Robeira. After that, go to Holy Ground at sharp cliff 2. You required 1 dark

crystal in order to answer 5 questions to receive a Mecklace of wisdom. Be

careful, if you get any question wrong, you need another dark crystal to

answer the 5 question again. Head back to Robeira and give her the Necklace

of wisdom and you will be advance as the F/P Mage.


The questions it may ask are in sets, here are the sets:

Set 1

1. Which NPC cannot be seen in Ellinia?

Answer: Roel

2. Which monster has not appeared in Orbis?

Answer: Croco

3. Which is the highest lvl between Green Mush, Stump, Bubbling, Axe Stump, Octopus?

Answer: Axe Stump

4. Choose which combination of the medicine and the effect is correct.

(p/s This question said choose the correct one, but the answer actually choose the wrong one)

Answer: Sunrise Dew – 3000hp

5. Which NPC is not related to PET?

Answer: Vicious

Set 2

1. Which NPC cannot be seen in Henesys?

Answer: Teo

2. Which monster has not appeared in Maple Island?

Answer: Pig

3. Which item you give Maya at Henesys in order to cure her sickness?

Answer: Weird Medicine

4. Which town is not at Victoria Island?

Answer: Mushroom Town

5. Which monster is not at Victoria Island and Sleepywood?

Answer: Jr. Sentinel

Set 3

1. Which is not member of Alpha Platoon?

Answer: Peter Staff Sergeant

2. Which material doesn’t need for awaken Hero’s Gladius?

Answer: Fairy Wing

3. Which NPC is not at Kerning City?

Answer: Luke

4. Monster and monster’s drops, which is not correct?

Answer: Nependeath – Nependeath’s Leaf

5. Which monster can fly?

Answer: Malady

Set 4

1. Abnormal status and discription, which is not correct?

Answer: Weakened – Slowing player’s speed

2. Which NPC not seen in Orbis?

Answer: Sophia

3. Which quest required the highest lvl?

Answer: Alcaster and Dark Crystal

4. Which NPC not seen in Lith Harbour?

Answer: Shane

5. Which medicine and the effect is correct?

Answer: Pizza – 400 hp

b. How to be a F/P Arch Mage?

1. Talk to your 3rd job instructor in El Nath to begin the quest

2. Keep talking to your instructor until you receive another quest to obtain two

special items for the fourth job instructor to advance.

-If you like to hunt, go kill a Red Dragon and Gryphin to get the two items. After

hunting down these monsters and obtaining the two items, skip to step 6.

-Otherwise, if you have 10 million mesos, continue with step 3

3. Now head to Leafre town and talk to the Village Chief. He will ask you for a very

special scroll

4. Head over to Eos Tower 44th floor to buy the scroll from the npc for 10m

5. After you are done go back to the Village Chief from Leafre. He will give you the

two necessary items.

6. Now you need to find your 4th job instructor

7. Give the 2 items to the instructor to complete the quest. The instructor will

advance you to fourth job and grant you the skillbook for Maple Hero.

c. 4th job skills

1. All: Maple Hero – Master lvl 20 (Party)

Description: Party members will receive a % increase in their AP stats for a

period of time.

—Set 5

1. What NPC do we 1st meet in MapleStory?

Answer: Heena

2. How much experiences required from lvl1 – 2?

Answer: 15

3. Which NPC is not in El Nath?

Answer: Elma

4. Which job is not 2nd job advancement?

Answer: Mage

5. Seal – Master lvl 20 (active)

Description: Seals up the enemies around you for a certain amount of

time. Once sealed up, the monsters can’t use attacking skills, but the skill

does not work on boss monsters.

Required: Element Amplification lvl 3

6. Magic Booster – Master lvl 20 (support)

Description: Uses up a significant amount of HP and MP to increase the

attacking speed for spells.

Required: Element Amplification lvl 3

7. Magic Composition – Master lvl 30 (active)

Description: Uses fire & poison-based spell on a single enemy. Applies

massive damage to monsters that are weak against fire or poison, and the

enemy will be poisoned on a set success rate.

For more information, please go to


30 Poison Mist (maxed)

30 Magic Composition (maxed)

20 Seal (maxed)

20 Magic Booster (maxed)

20 Element Amplification

1 Partial Resistance

It is much offensive at the beginning than Build B.


Suggested skill build C – Recommended


Total: 30 Explosion (maxed)

30 Poison Mist (maxed)

30 Magic Composition (maxed)

30 Element Amplification

19 Seal

11 Magic Booster

1 Partial Resistance


Where to train?

Level 70-75: white pangs, showa street 2, parking lot, cucumber at zipangu

Level 75-80: death teddy (preferably 78+)/ bone fish (preferably 78+), cucumber

at zipangu

Level 80-90: sotong, sharks, bone fish, death teddy, Vikings, master death teddy,

bain, Blue Kentauros at leafre

Level 90-100: sharks, grim phantom watch, phantom watch, sotong, vikings,

dual ghost pirate, Blue Kentauros at leafre

Level 100-120: Skelegauros and Skelegons at leafre, blue wyrens, Zipangu:

Encounter with the Budhha


6. 4th Job Advancement

a. 4th Job Information

4th job is currently out in KMS only. It will be out in mapleglobal and maplesea


2. All: Hero’s Will – Master lvl 10 (Active)

Description: You may escape from certain situations. Probability of escape

depends on skill level.

3. Fire Demon – Master lvl 30 (Active)

Description: Engulf the enemies with a pillar of fire: they will be constantly

damaged by the heat and become weak to Ice elemental attacks.

4. Elquines – Master lvl 30 (Summon)

Description: For a period of time, summon El Queenath to assist you. It can hit

up to 3 targets.

5. Paralyze – Master lvl 30 (Active)

Description: Attack with the magic eyes of Medusa, petrifying enemies into stone.

6. Meteor – Master lvl 30 (Active)

Description: Cast volcanic meteor rocks to destroy the battlefield.


7. Hints and Helps For Mages

1. Mages can jump + attack by pressing the two buttons together (may be hard

to do). by kenjitzw, Cassiopeia.

2. You can cancel out any supportive skills such as magic guard by

right-clicking the icons on the top right corner. by SamiteMa5ter, Bootes.

3. Attack followed by teleport may be used to avoid damage.

5. Which quest can be able to done repeatedly?

Answer: Arwen and Glass shoes

Set 6

1. Monster and monster’s drops, which is correct?

Answer: Strige – Strige’s wing

2. Which NPC is not at Perion?

Answer: Francois

3. Who is Alex the Runaway Kid’s father?

Answer: Chief Stan

4. In order to do 2nd job advancement, what will the job instuctor give after you have gathered 30 Dark Marbles?

Answer: Proof of Hero

5. According to the 1st job advancement, which requirement is correct?

Answer: Bowman – 25 DEX

b. Stats

As mentioned in 2a. formula for mage.

c. Suggested skill build

3rd Job skills

1. Partial Resistance – Master lvl 20 (passive)

Description: You get additional resistance from Fire & Poison.

2. Element Amplification – Master lvl 30 (support)

Description: Use more MP, but Increase Magic Attack.

3. Explosion – Master lvl 30 (active)

Description: Make an explosion around the character. Attack the enemy

with the fire power.

4. Poison Mist – Master lvl 30 (active)

Description: Make a poison fog around the character.