October 18, 2010

Easy Way To Make Free Mesos In MapleStory

By maplestory


Ok there is a monster called “Dyle” in Dangerous croco 1 in kerning

free maplestory meso

free maplestory meso

sewers past ligator. Dyle spawns every 45-50 minuits and has a drop rate for scrolls of 60%.

I can make 40-50 mil there a day from GFA Scrolls etc etc.

Dyle doesn’t need to high acc to beat and doesn’t hit to high but if you’re unsure find out his Avoidability and use a calculator.

He Looks like this

Dyle Level: 65 HP/MP: 31,000/200 EXP: 810 Meso: n/a KB: 1,500

Common location:

Dangerous Croko I, Dangerous Croko II Etc. drop: Croco Skin, Ligator Skin

Useable drop:

Speed Potion, Scroll for Dagger for ATT (60%), Scroll for Bow for ATT (10%), Scroll for Crossbow for ATT (60%), Scroll for Claw for ATT (10%), Scroll for Claw for ATT (60%), Scroll for Gloves for ATT (60%), Scroll for Shoes for DEX (10%), Scroll for Overall Armor for LUK (60%)

Weapon attack: 190

Magic attack: 200

Weapon defense: 190

Magic defense: 220

Speed: -30

Accuracy: 150

Avoidability: 30 Ore drop: n/a

Common equipment: n/a

Warrior equipment: n/a

Magician equipment: n/a

Bowman equipment: n/a

Thief equipment: n/a

Most effective magic: –

Effective magic: Ice, Lightning, Fire, Poison, Holy

Less effective magic: –

Non-effective magic: Heal Non-effective status: n/a

Unique Attack: n/a

HP Recovery/10 secs: 1400

MP Recovery/10 secs: 50 Inflict Status: n/a