October 22, 2010

Making Millions Of Mesos in Maplestory

By maplestory

As with real life, making money in MapleStory takes effort, know-how, and a keen eye for opportunistic situations. But don’t despair!



By following a few easy tips, you too can be rolling in the mesos in no time!

Fight Monsters – The most obvious way to make money in MapleStory is to go out and kill some monsters and pick up the items they drop. Monsters sometimes drop valuable items such as armor and weapons. This will also earn you experience points, which may or may not be beneficial depending on how much your training costs so choose your monsters carefully.

Be a Gofer – Go for this, go for that! Making money is often about having a much needed item or skill in an unlikely place. Sure, it is easy to find any item in abundance in the market and with one player undercutting another in order to get make the sale, it can get pretty cheap too. It’s all supply and demand. With a lot of supply there isn’t much demand. But when supply is low the price comes at a premium! Keep this in mind and try to think of situations in which a particular item might be more valuable.

It Takes Money to Make Money – Oh yeah, we’ve all heard that saying before and it’s a great one when you wanna feel sorry for yourself. But let me give you another one, and I’m sure you’ve heard this one too: Buy Low, Sell High. That’s right, and it goes much further than just buying things. It’s a whole principle of starting small and aiming big. With even a small amount of money earned from the labor of your adventures, you can achieve such great heights. All it takes is a knowledge of the market and an understanding of value based not on a static sum, but an ever-changing equation that fluctuates with the up’s and the downs of that same player-based market. It is a grasp of the entrepreneurial spirit and a keen love of the pursuit and conquest of money that will give you an edge over the average player.

That said, keep a watchful eye on the fluctuations of the market. Pay close attention to growing and decreasing supplies, even a common item when hard to find can bring in a substantial profit. Furthermore, there will be players you encounter who do not have a firm grasp of an item’s value or may be willing to sacrifice the full value of an item in order to make a quick sale. It is your goal to find those players and those items selling at a discount so that you can buy them and sell them for face value or, if supply is low enough, for much more than they might otherwise sellfor.

Now that you have some good tips on how to make money in MapleStory, let me impress upon you another life lesson that you can apply to your in-game finances. An important part of making money is keeping money! It is imperative, therefore, that you spend your mesos wisely and leave enough space in your inventory to hold all the rare finds you encounter on your adventures.

When you stumble upon a particular item of interest while browsing through the free market, don’t be too hasty. As the old saying goes, a fool and his mesos are soon parted. A smart player shops around and takes the time to find a good deal. Yes, there are times when you may miss out on a rare item due to your financial diligence, but these items, even as rare as they may be, are not impossible to find. Within a matter of days you might locate the same item at a substantial discount and all of your patience will have been rewarded.

While out and about on your journeys, it is important to be mindful of the status of your free inventory spaces. If a rare item drops after you’ve killed a monster, you may decide to keep it or sell it in order to make some extra money. The bad news is, that item isn’t yours until it shows up in your inventory. So always keep at least one spot open just in case.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this guide on how to make money in MapleStory. Always remember that there is life outside of online games, but even in an online entertainment environment you can learn and practice valuable real life principles. Have fun and may all your adventures be epic.