September 26, 2010

Complete Archer/Bowmaster Guide

By maplestory

I. Why choose archers?
I personally favor archers in many many games; but that’s just me, Archers is an awesome class in MS and there are many reasons why it is, but as any other classes we have also have our shortcomings too.
– Highest amount of ACC, you’ll never have to worry about missing anything in the game
– Decently high amount of AVOID as well
– Known for longest range of attack in pixel wise
– The most stable damage in the game (due to bow mastery + bow expert, 90% total mastery!)
– And of course our favorable SE (sharp eyes), (55% total critical rate)

– Not the fastest levelers in the early levels
– HP is undesirable and low unless blood washed/hp washed
– Before 3rd job KB will be annoying sometimes when monster is close
– Bow =/= cheap

To start off archers primary stat is DEX and our secondary stat is STR so when starting an archer we should aim for
STR: any # would be fine
DEX: again any # would be fine
INT: 4/5 (i personally don’t mind having 5 int cause more int means hp wash helpful :D)
LUK: 4/5

STR is only required for bowmans to wield our bows so keep your STR low as possible and obtain STR items if you can, as for DEX well that’s primary stats to boost your damage range

Side note: In many BM’s opinion is that there’s no point at all in going str-less, due to higher amount of W.ATT of higher level bows its best be advised that you should add STR and acquire STR items in order to wield these bows

For totally fresh start (as in no funding at all making archers) the stat build you should follow would be
LEVEL/STATS (stats as in should be added the amount of dex/str)
1/ 5dex
2/ 5dex
3/ 5dex
4/ 5dex
5/ 5str
… ETC continuous so to summarize your STR should be above 5 your level (so level 10 = 15 STR) again this is for NON-funded archers

First job skill distribution
10. Arrow blow 1
11. Blessing of amazon 3
12. Eye of amazon 3
13. Eye of amazon 3
14. Eye of amazon 8 Critical shot/Double shot 1 <-- you can go whichever first find it frustrating not able to use a skill 15. Critical shot/Double shot 4 16. Critical shot/Double shot 7 17. Critical shot/Double shot 10 18. Critical shot/Double shot 13 19. Critical shot/Double shot 16 20. Critical shot/Double shot 19 21. Critical shot/Double shot 20 Double shot/Critical shot 2 22. Double shot/Critical shot 5 23. Double shot/Critical shot 8 24. Double shot/Critical shot 11 25. Double shot/Critical shot 14 26. Double shot/Critical shot 17 27. Double shot/Critical shot 20 28. Focus 3 29. Focus 3 30. Focus 3 Outcome: Arrow blow 1 Blessing 3 Eye of amazon 8 Critical shot 20 Double shot 20 Focus 9 II. Training reference
There is a Training guide in the forum ill post a link here

III. 2nd Job Advancement HUNTER
Great you made it to lvl 30 that means you can get that advancement to being a hunter
Steps on getting to 2nd job advancement
1. Go to Henesys and talk to Athena pierce (job instructor)
2. After receiving a letter from pierce she will tell you to go to another instructor of her for a test
3. Once you enter the dungeon from talking to the instructor you’ll have to collect 30 marbles from killing the monsters
4. Once your done collecting all 30 talk to the instructor again and she will award you with a proof of hero medal
5. Go back to Athena Pierce and begin your path to being a hunter

VI. 2nd Job Skill Distribution
This is my build and many that follows it as well so if you require another guide for an alternative build please request for it
30. Arrow bomb 1 < probably will be relieved that you have a mobbing skill now 31. Mastery 3 32. Mastery 6 33. Mastery 9 34. Mastery 12 35. Mastery 15 36. Mastery 18 37. Mastery 19 Booster 2 38. Booster 5 39. Booster 6 Soul arrow 2 < Why leave Booster 6 and Soul arrow 2? thats a good whole minute (60 second) and thats fine for now, not much of a big deal 40. Arrow bomb 4 41. Arrow bomb 7 42. Arrow bomb 10 43. Arrow bomb 13 44. Arrow bomb 16 45. Arrow bomb 19 46. Arrow bomb 22 47. Arrow bomb 25 48. Arrow bomb 28 49. Arrow bomb 30 (MAX) Booster 7 50. Booster 10 51. Booster 13 52. Booster 16 53. Booster 19 54. Booster 20 (MAX) Soul arrow 3 55. Soul arrow 6 56. Soul arrow 9 57. Soul arrow 12 58. Soul arrow 15 59. Soul arrow 18 60. Soul arrow 20 (MAX) PKB 1 61. PKB 4 62. PKB 7 63. PKB 10 64. PKB 13 65. PKB 16 66, PKB 19 67. PKB 20 (MAX) 20 Bow mastery (MAX) 1 Focus Rest Focus *If you do not understand the outline of the skill distribution; tell me so i can clarify or be more straightforward* -Why arrow bomb first? You don't have to add arrow bomb first but its nice to have a mobbing skill early IMO -So, why focus? because you have maxed all your essential skills in your 2nd job and no FA, FA is a very useless skill in the future for bowman since it does not take effect in your future primary skills -Mastery should be your first 2nd Job skill to max due to mediocre unstable damage in first job -Why only leave level 6 booster and level 2 soul arrow? as pointed before, at these skill levels its precisely on 1 minute mark, its not really necessary to more points onto for now and focus more on your main 2nd Job skills -PKB (power knock back) is it useless? to my personal preference PKB is sometimes really useful, yes you may have DB (dragon breath) in the future but PKB is necessary on dire close range -FA (final attack) guide will be posted if upon request -Arrow bomb will be one of your essential mobbing skill throughout your whole archer/bm life due to the fix of the skill, the first monster you hit is no longer a low base of attack V.Third Job advancement RANGER
and thus you have reached level 70 and finally moving onto ranger, ill briefly explain how to advance toward a ranger step by step
1.Go to El Nath and look for your third job instructor at the highest peak of the map
2.Once talked to the instructor, she will ask to go to Athena Pierce in Henesys
3.After your done talking to Athena Pierce she will ask you to find “door of a dimension”
4.Fight the clone and obtain black charm
5.Go back to Athena Pierce and obtain necklace of strength
6.Head back to your third job instructor and hand in the necklace, from there she will tell you to go to “Holy Ground” from there you need to answer questions
7.After finishing the questions it will award you with necklace of wisdom
8.Go back to your third job instructor and onward to being a ranger
*REMEMBER* have a refined dark crystal in order to answer the questions from the rock
I’m not sure if these answers are up to date but here..…bquestions.php < ALL CREDITS FOR THE ANSWERS FOR THE 3RD JOB QUESTIONS ARE GIVEN TO HIDDEN-STREET.NET VI.Third Job Skill distribution
Again these are common builds that most rangers follow up on
70. (1 free point) Strafe 1
71. Strafe 4
72. Strafe 7
73. Strafe 10
74, Strafe 13
75. Strafe 16
76. Strafe 19
77. Strafe 22
78. Strafe 25
79. Strafe 28
80. Strafe 30 (MAX) Puppet 1
81. Puppet 4
82. Puppet 5 Sliver hawk 2
83. Sliver hawk 5
84. Sliver hawk 8
85. Sliver hawk 11
86. Sliver hawk 14
87. Sliver hawk 17
88. Sliver hawk 20
89. Sliver hawk 23
90. Sliver hawk 26
91. Sliver hawk 29
92. Sliver hawk 30 (MAX) Mortal blow 2
93. Mortal blow 5
94. Arrow rain 3
95. Arrow rain 6
96. Arrow rain 9
97. Arrow rain 12
98. Arrow rain 15
99. Arrow rain 18
100. Arrow rain 21
101. Arrow rain 24
102. Arrow rain 27
103. Arrow rain 30 (MAX)
104. Mortal Blow 8
105. Mortal Blow 11
106. Mortal Blow 14
107. Mortal Blow 17
108. Mortal Blow 20 (MAX)
109. Puppet 8
110. Puppet 11
111. Puppet 14
112. Puppet 17
113. Puppet 20 (MAX)
114. Thrust 3
115. Thrust 6
116. Thrust 9
117. Thrust 12
118. Thrust 15
119. Thrust 18
120. Thrust 20 (MAX) Inferno 1

*If you do not understand the outline of the skill distribution; tell me so i can clarify or be more straightforward*

Strafe 30
Sliver hawk 30
Arrow rain 30
Mortal blow 20
Puppet 20
Thrust 20
Inferno 1

-Strafe build is a sniping training build such as Newtie training, but now there are alternative greater spot to train for better exp strafe build is not to favorable
-Why leave puppet lvl 5 at lvl 82? your required to have lvl 5 puppet in order to get Sliver hawk skill
-20 Thrust? that’s useless. Inferno is an obsolete skill which i find absolute no use due to fixed arrow bomb, having max speed makes traveling less tedious
-Mortal blow will be your life saver it will deal great amount of damage when an enemy is near you at 90% rate success
-Arrow rain is yet another essential mobbing skill next to arrow bomb
-Why max sliver hawk? it only adds 1% each time from 21+, you dont need any other skill to raise better off having 99% stun rate which is yet another life saver
-Puppet will allow you to control your mob cleanly as it focus on to the puppet while you finish them off (also works on mini bosses and pap)

the reason why you can either choose arrow build > or < sliver hawk is up to you from your preference of training style, sliver hawk will help you a lot take care of bottom platform of newtie map earlier, you'll never get hit unless you make a mistake somehow, but if you take the arrow rain route it will allow you to have alternative training places such as typhoons, pirates and etc ARROW RAIN BUILD
70. (1 Free point) Strafe 1
71. Mortal blow 3
72. Mortal blow 5 Arrow rain 1
73. Arrow rain 4
74. Arrow rain 7
75. Arrow rain 10
76. Arrow rain 13
77. Arrow rain 16
78. Arrow rain 19
79. Arrow rain 22
80. Arrow rain 25
81. Arrow rain 28
82. Arrow rain 30 (MAX) Strafe 1
83. Strafe 4
84. Strafe 7
85. Strafe 10
86, Strafe 13
87. Strafe 16
88. Strafe 19
89. Strafe 22
90. Strafe 25
91. Strafe 28
92. Strafe 30 (MAX)
… etc, from this point you can put points anywhere you want, you’ll max everything in your third job window except inferno

If inferno is your thing or require an inferno build please tell me and ill put up a guide for it

*If you do not understand the outline of the skill distribution; tell me so i can clarify or be more straightforward*

Outcome: (Same as the Strafe build)
Arrow rain 30
Strafe 30
Sliver hawk 30
Mortal blow 20
Puppet 20
Thrust 20
Inferno 1

-Purpose of going arrow rain first? Arrow rain will allow you to finish off mobs quickly as possible and due to many alternative spots I.E typhoons, malaysia maps, mp3 so on and so forth you’ll achieve big amount of exp if you plan on Arrow rain build

*If inferno is your thing, or require an inferno build please ask and ill put up a build for it*

VII. 4th Job Advancement BOWMASTERS
CONGRATULATION this is a big achievement for archers and totally deserve a pat on the back :D, i’ll tell you step by step how to advance to a Bowmaster
1.Go to El Nath and talk to your third job instructor for recommendation letter to make a 4th job advancement
2.Head over to Leafre and head over to your 4th job instructor
3.Once you talked to your 4th job instructor he will put you to a test to obtain Heroic Star and Heroic Pentagon from manon and griffey -note: it may not drop the first time
4.Alternatively if you do not wish to defeat manon and griffey head over to ludibrium in the eos tower and buy a secret scroll for 10m and go back to leafre and talk to Chief Tatamo for Heroic Star and Heroic Pentagon in exchange for the scroll
5.Once you obtain your Heroic Star and Heroic Pentagon go back to your fourth job instructor
6.And finally he will grant you the master title – Bowmaster

When advancing to Bowmaster, it will award you with 3 skills with 3 sp and 5 free ap (Three skills are Sharp eyes, Bow mastery, Hamstring)
*Note* skills are no longer handed to you, you must obtain and pass skill mastery books -i will post which monster/bosses drops which books-

How to obtain your 4th Job skills
-Talk to the 4th job instructor and he will ask you to find Athena’s old glove
-In leafre head over to “Area of Blue Kentaurus”
-Hunt the blue kents till you find the glove (It may take a while, then again it may not)
-After finding the glove head on over to Henesys
-Talk to Athena Pierce and she will award you with the skill “Hurricane”

-Before even activating the quest you must find the book call “[Story book] Ancient book
-Head on over to KFT (korean folk town) and talk to the librarian he’ll give you a list of items to collect (50 ink, 10 pure water 30 magic rocks)
-After collecting the necessary items talk to the librarian again and you’ll receive a green book
-Travel back to henesys and talk to athena pierce
-After done talking to Athena she’ll tell you to go to your 3rd job instructor
-Once your done talking to your 3rd job instructor go down below and talk to shammos (green goblin)
-Now head back to victoria island and go to SW and talk to “???” and then head inside the dungeon and find the “insignificant being” npc
-insignificant being will tell you to collect 50 dark crystal balls that can be found from wild cargos/tauromacis
-Once done collecting the necessary items head back to the npc and exchange the items you collected for a key in order to enter the arena
-Head into Sanctuary entrance 3 and enter the portal in the middle
-Once you entered the map you have to finish off 300 jr.balrogs (*Note* you must bring another BM or MM friend in order to do this part)
-After wiping off all 300 balrogs head back to the npc and he will award you with the skill “Concentrate”

Dragon Breath
-Find a 4th job warrior that hasn’t done the “Stance” quest, get inside the pq and kill the bosses inside in order to obtain this skill

-In Leafre find a npc called “Kumo” and he’ll tell you to find a mysterious egg
-Head on over to El Nath (make sure you have a DM scroll to make this trip shorter) and use the the scroll
-Go deeper inside of “Cave of trail 3” and find the egg inside a hidden portal
-Head back to Leafre and talk to Kumo once again
-Head over to the left side of Leafre and onward to sky nest 2 and enter the hidden portal
-Drop the egg that you gotten before on the top point of the map and it will summon the phoenix
-Kill the phoenix and head over back to Kumo
-Talk to Kumo and he will award the skill “Phoenix”

Where to find Skill books
-Bow expert 20 – Papulatus
-Bow expert 30 – Zakum
-Hamstring 20 – Zakum
-Concentrate 20 -Zakum
-Concentrate 30 – HT
-Hurricane 20 – GPQ, Nest golem (evolve form of Newtie)
-Hurricane 30 – Papulatus
-Phoenix 20 – Skelegon
-Phoenix 30 – Manon
-Sharp eyes 20 – Pianus
-Sharp eyes 30 – HT, Skelegon, CWKPQ

Fourth Job Skill distribution
-Note- There is no right or wrong build in when fourth job comes at this point of the game your skill build should be based on your favor of game play, This is the build i am using for my fourth job skills
Abbreviations – SE (Sharp eyes), DB (Dragon Breath) MW (Maple Warrior)
120. Hurricane 1 (after quest is done for it) SE 2
121-130. SE 30 DB 1
131-136. 21 Hurricane 1 Bow expert
137-142. 21 Bow expert 23 Hurricane
143-146. 30 Hurricane 23 Bow expert
147-150. 30 Bow expert 1 Concentrate (or alternatively go for MW from here)
151-161. 30 Concentrate/ 20 MW(30 MW if you can actually afford it)/ (1/10) Phoenix
161-171. 30 Phoenix
After this point you can put your points anywhere you want since these are your main essential skills that you should have in 4th job
-STOP- If you do not understand the summarized skill distribution format please tell me and i will update it with more laid out format level by level distribution format, Thank you

VIII. Hp Washing
Why is Hp washing important for us?
As you already may know that us bowmen do not have a big pool of hp thus our survivability against some bosses are not sustainable that’s why we must hp wash (blooding is another option, if you read on ill tell you about it) in order to take a hit from monsters and/or bosses
How do you Hp wash?
To answer many peoples common questions throughout our subforum (If you search around there will be a lot of the same answers) hp washing is a very easy procedures just cost alot of mesos and nx 🙁
Us archers need 12 Base Mp above our mininum mp in order to take out a point with using AP RESETS (from the cash shop) and putting it into our HP, now how do you get 12 whole mp? thats where INT items comes in. Try to obtain all the int items that you can grab to make 10 WHOLE base int in your stat window in order to get 1 extra base mp (that means 120 int total will get you 12 extra base mp and that’ll make 1 hp wash)
How much hp you get from 1 wash?
its proven that 1 wash will get you around 16 to 22 hp randomly once you add your ap into hp
What kind of INT items should i use?
Try to find items from the common categories that are scrolled with int, you go all out with items if you wish to do so your options are..
-INT common cape
-INT earrings
-Yellow snowshoes
-Raccoon Mask
-INT robe
-INT gloves
-Wooden wand
-Wisdom rings
-Zhelm/targa helm
-INT maple shield
Obtaining INT items are definitely not cheap but its definitely worth it if you’re a full time player to do hp washes

Boss survival HP requirements
Zakum – 2600 base hp
Horntail – 4800 base hp
PB – ??? hp
Scarlion – 4000~ base hp
Targa – 8000~ base hp
– More to come (need more info)

IX. Blood washing
-Last but not least your blood washing, This is an option you can take if you do not want the hassle of buying int items and nx blood washing is an alternative to hp washing but sacrificing 50 AP POINTS (10 levels) for hp -Note- this is a great investment if you do not want all the trouble of going through hp washing
-Blood washing takes place at level 130-140
-At that point of the level 50 ap is equivalent to 3-4 att loss for gain of 900 average hp points.