March 25, 2010

MapleStory’s Guides

Looking for some Guides? BasilMarket’s Help and Info Index is an Index full of Guides on BasilMarket! If you spot any good Guides on BasilMarket, contact me so I can put it on the Index! BasilMarket’s Help and Info Index and all Guides and threads added to it are owned by their respective owners, copying is strictly prohibited without permission. I have no responsibility over […]

March 23, 2010

Welcome to my game shows the world – MapleStory

Very pleased today, this is my first blog about the game, glad to share with you! February 25, 2010 – KryptoDEV, a popular MapleStory private server development forum, is soon to make MapleStory history by becoming the first private server development website to be sued by Nexon Inc. A Canadian law firm is acting on behalf of Nexon America Inc. in the lawsuit against owner […]